5 Benefits Of Zip & Link Beds

 Zip & Link Beds

Every type of hotel or guest house wants to provide for the needs of all of its customers. Therefore something versatile like zip and link beds can be changed depending on the family who books the room. It is the ideal solution to ensure a comfortable night’s sleep for their guests whilst also making life easier for the hotel staff. So here are the five main reasons why you should buy a zip and link bed!

1: How are Zip & Link Beds Set Up?

Zip and link beds may seem like a complicated thing however it’s a widespread misconception. A key reason why zip beds make the best hotel beds is how easy they are to use. To make the two single beds into one larger bed, all you have to do is follow a simple two-step process.

Firstly lock the two-bed bases together using a linking bar and then zip the two mattresses together using the zips provided on the side of the mattress. Although you may feel like zipping the mattresses together isn’t a good idea if you’re trying to avoid movement transfer. It does prevent movement transfer even when zipped together. So you should ensure it’s zipped together to prevent you from falling through the gap in the mattress.

zip & link bed
Zip & Link Beds Offer several sleeping options.

2: They provide exceptional levels of comfort

Some people may believe that a zip and link bed restricts comfort. Many put this solely down to the fact there are zips attached to the mattress.

The zips are positioned on the mattress and covered by seams; therefore do not affect your comfort. You can even find zip and links in varying firmness levels, meaning you can find the specific mattress which supports your needs.

3: Zip and link beds offer flexibility

This may not be your main priority when looking for a bed for your own home. However, if you’re operating a hotel or a B&B, zip and link allow you to offer flexibility to all potential guests. Its uses aren’t just limited to the hospitality industry either, as it can also have the desired effect on your home. For example, it is ideal for if friends or family are coming to stay, you can split up the zip & link so you can accommodate for another person.

4: Zip and link beds are space efficient

Divan zip and link beds are among the most popular bed bases due to the range of practical benefits it also offers. Zip and link divan bases are designed to fit with the mattress accurately.

This way, the mattress can sit directly on top of the base rather than inside the frame, making it very space-efficient.

5: Zip and link beds are ideal for sleep partners

If you have a sleeping partner, these bds can be excellent additions to help your health and well-being as they can even have zip and link beds which comprise two different mattress types as long as they are of the same firmness and depth.

Also, if you or your partner are restless whilst you sleep, the advantage of having two separate mattresses is that the amount of movement will be limited. Maintaining healthy sleep habits is the most crucial aspect of your mattress. However, it will struggle to provide this if you have a restless partner therefore if you’re in this situation, you should consider a zip & link bed.

Tuscany Zip & Link Bed

Zip & Link Beds.
Tuscany Zip & Link Bed

Giltedge Beds have always believed in quality and value and have grown into one of the UK’s largest bed manufacturers. Giltedge Beds have been at the forefront of technical developments in the bed industry. They still strive to improve their designs and invest in new technology to provide the most innovative, beautiful, and competitively priced products.

The Tuscany Zip and Link Set include:

  • 1000 Pocket springs
  • Soft Silk Knitted Fabric cover
  • Multi-Layered fillings for sumptuous comfort
  • Soft comfort

The base also offers some support whilst also having many external features including:

  • Solid platform top
  • Hardwood timber structure
  • A range of base fabrics available in a wide choice of colours
  • Standard Castors or Chrome Glides
  • Storage including several drawer configurations and lift up ottoman options
  • Chrome effect linking bars
  • Internal storage height for ottoman base 25cm

Zip and link beds offer the perfect solution for several sleeping configurations, ideal for a range of guests staying throughout the year.

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