How to understand Mattress Firmness – a Quick Guide

Mattress Firmness

The quality of your mattress is dependant on several factors which generally determine its quality. One of the main factors must be mattress durability, which is determined by a mattress’s lifespan.

Knowing how long your mattress will last is essential for working out your budget for the product. You will notice that the mattress you currently have will begin to lose firmness, which can make it challenging to buy a new mattress.

The reason is, your body may have adapted to the older mattress if you leave it too long before replacing it.

However, this will not be great for your body and spinal alignment as it is not just the firmness that starts to drop off as a mattress becomes older. It also does not offer the same levels of support as it should.

Does mattress firmness affect your sleep?

Trying to get comfortable enough to doze off can be difficult, especially if your mattress is not firm.
To understand how important it is to have a mattress with the perfect firmness. You will need to learn about the different levels of firmness and which level suits each type of sleeper.

Factors that will affect what your personal preferences are

• Any aches or pains you may have
• Your body weight
• Sleeping position
• Body temperature

Soft MattressesMedium MattressesFirm Mattresses
Best sleeping positionSide sleepersStomach, Side, and back sleepersStomach sleepers
Beneficial for back painsnoyesyes
Suitable for larger sleepersnoyesyes
Good for people who are too warm at nightnoyesyes

Soft mattresses

A soft mattress offers a level of comfort and support which is perfectly balanced, due to how soft the mattress, it is not the best option for plus-sized people due to sagging which causes the body to be misaligned when sleeping.

Also, increased pressure placed upon the mattress will lead to sinking, which will decrease the mattress’s durability.
Another reason why you should purchase a soft mattress if you find yourself becoming chilly during the night because of the soft materials and would increase warmth.

Pictured: Giltedge Beds Rome Soft Mattress, Available from Bedstar starting from only £159

Medium Mattresses

Generally, people with a medium mattress have very little to complain about as it’s seen as almost the standard level of firmness and is usually what people default to if they do not have any specific needs for their mattress.

Allowing you to be comfortable and supported at the same time preventing the chances of there being high levels of discomfort.
It does not offer the same level of support for back pain that a soft mattress does. However, it does provide more support to help spinal alignment.

Pictured: Giltedge Beds Copenhagen Medium-firm Mattress, Available from Bedstar starting from only £189

Final thoughts

You can now confidently use your knowledge of the varying levels of firmness as when a mattress costs between £200 and £1000, which is a significant amount of money to spend, you need to be clued up about which mattresses are best for you.


  • If you doubt which firmness is best, then generally, the medium is the safest bet.
  • Understanding your body and the way you sleep is essential for choosing a firmness level.
  • Back and side sleepers are more suited to softer mattresses.
  • Make sure you are purchasing from a trusted manufacturer to avoid any added stress after purchase.
  • Sinking into a mattress will mean that it needs replacing sooner. Therefore a firm mattress may last longer.

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