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Creating Enough Room At The Inn This Christmas!

Creating Enough Room At The Inn This Christmas!

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Posted: Dec 21, 2015 09:32
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Synopsis: As Christmas approaches and relatives gather on mass, can you turn your 3 bed semi into a comfortable guest house to sleep 10!

Its fast approaching Christmas again and as families come together to celebrate as this festive time of year, for many panic begins to set in! not only have you got to fill the fridge to the brink of collapse with food and drink and make sure all the must have gadgets are wrapped and under the tree! but its that point when you suddenly realize where on earth are your Brother's kids going to sleep when they arrive on Christmas Eve? and will your teenage daughter mind sharing a bedroom with gran for a week even though her snoring can be heard at the end of the street!!
Now although we can't completely solve these logistical quandaries we can certainly help by advising on a range of Guest Bed options to help turn your 3 bed semi into a hotel that sleeps 10! 
Below is a range of space saving sleeping solutions to help you decide what option is best for you and your brood!
For a less permanent and cost effective solution a folding bed is ideal and can be setup in a matter of seconds in any room in the house to accommodate a single child or adult sleeper. 
Folding beds
Most folding beds have small wheels on the frame so they can be maneuvered round the house with ease and with a single hook and eye catch the bed simply unfolds ready for use, the downside is the mattresses tend to be quite thin to allow the bed to be folded up, so comfort levels are never going to be great but its perfect is its just for a few nights and your guest is happy with a firm sleeping platform. 
If your looking for a more permanent solution and want to accommodate guests on a regular basis in a bedroom then an extra guest bed is certainly the best solution, An extra guest utilizes the space under a standard bed by having a separate bed stored underneath
Extra Guest Bed
This second bed can be pulled our easily when required and once fully pulled out will pop up on sprung loaded legs so both beds become the same height, this simple design means you have lots of options for housing all types of guest, as you can use as 2 separate beds or push them together to create a standard double bed for couples sharing, some come with zips on the mattresses so you can zip together to create a solid sleeping platform with no chance of your guests slipping through the gaps!
Once your guests have left simply push the extra guest back under the main bed and you have floor space back in the bedroom! no doubt for the scalectric set that's been sat under the tree since boxing day!
When space is at a premium it sometimes better to build up than out! Bunk beds are a great solution for Siblings sharing on a permanent basis or adults sharing on a temporary basis. with lots of styles and designs they can fit any type of bedroom environment and with the latest design tweaks, 3 sleeper bunks are becoming very popular with a double bed on the bottom for mum and dad and single on the top for junior perfect for cramming the family in 1 room with still enough space to swing the cat!!
Bunk Beds
One of the more popular options if you already lack space in bedrooms to add further sleeping apparatus. Sofa beds use a simple lever mechanism to fold out a mattress from under the seating area to produce a full size double bed, the mattresses used can offer a reasonable depth so comfort and is more adequate than other beds, and then in a morning another pull of the lever and your ready for a day of watching all those DVD's that arrived down the chimney! A perfect solution if you don't mind guests sleeping in your lounge!
Sofa Beds
Whatever option you go for bedstar are ready to offer the help and advice you need, and with next day delivery on most guest beds right up to christmas eve, we're sure we can accommodate any situation when you need to cram in a few more guests! the only downside is if you make everyone too comfortable this year they'll all want to come back next year!!
To view our latest range of guest beds please click here

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