Creating Enough Room At The Inn!

Creating Room at the Inn: How to Accommodate Guests in a Small Space


Some people love hosting. Others dread it, especially when space is at a premium. You want your guests to enjoy a comfortable stay ― and making sure they have enough space is part of it. One of the other parts of it is providing all the facilities for your guests to get a decent night’s sleep. How will you manage it all?

Don’t worry. We have a few suggestions:

Find a bed

If you don’t have a guest room, you at least need to find a bed. That’s paramount. Having a guest bed or a folding bed is a good option. You can set the bed up and then, when your guests have gone, put it away again. They’ll be able to get a good night’s sleep and you’ll feel more confident you’ve performed your duties as a host successfully.

If you do have a spare room but don’t necessarily want to turn it into a guest room, you could keep things spacious with a sofa bed, again just folding it up when your guests have left. The possibility of having guests is one you may consider when furnishing your living room, in which case you may choose a sofa bed instead of a standard sofa.

Think about their stuff

Your guests are likely to arrive with some kind of luggage, whether it’s just a bit of hand luggage or a suitcase or rucksack ― and they’re going to have to put it somewhere. Think about where they could store things. (Remember to clear a little space in the bathroom for their toiletries.) Perhaps you’ve got a table they could use or a spare set of drawers. Could they unpack their suitcase and then place it in a cupboard? Maybe you have a luggage stand?

opening a hotel door

Clean spaces and clear clutter

No one wants to live amid dirt and clutter, even if it’s just for a few days. Gather up clothes, shoes, books and other belongings we scatter so easily around the home and find a proper place for them. Throw out mail or newspapers or put them in a mail- or newspaper rack and deal with them later. Don’t forget to give the place a good hoover and wipe down any surfaces. 

Create a private space

When space is tight, things can get awkward, with people feeling as if they’re getting in each other’s way or having to arrange times to use different rooms, etc. Lessen some of this discomfort by providing a foldable screen. This creates privacy, allowing everyone to move around the place more comfortably, especially if they all have different daily routines. 

Add a few extra touches

No guest wants to be a burden, but you can make them feel truly welcome with some simple extra touches. Offer them a choice of pillows. Give them extra-soft towels. Provide a blanket and a light linen bed sheet, too, so they can be as hot or as cool as they please when it’s time to bed down for the night. Whether they’re staying in a spare room or just bunking down in the living room, you can brighten the space up for them with some fresh flowers.

Having guests may make things a bit of a squeeze, but it doesn’t have to be. With some good preparation beforehand and plus a little attention to detail, you can transform your home into an accommodating space for them. They’ll be comfortable, you’ll feel more relaxed and you can all focus on enjoying their visit.