How to Style a Cosy Bed for those Cold Winter Days

Cosy bed for winter nights
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Nothing beats getting into a cosy bed on a cold winter’s day. What’s the secret? Cosy beds evoke a sense of warmth and comfort, making us feel happy and content (it’s the very same reason your favourite jumper feels so good to wear).

This article will reveal how to style a cosy bed for those cold winter days, so you can create a cosy bed that looks as good as it feels to sleep in.

Layer it up

The cosiest beds are always layered. What’s a layered bed, you ask? It’s a bed made up of layers to create depth and practical comfort.

For example, we start with a fitted sheet for the mattress, add a top sheet, add a duvet and then fold the sheet over the duvet to build warmth.

At the end of the bed, we use a throw or a blanket to create contrasting colour and texture, while up top, we use layers of cushions and pillows.

The perfect mattress

Although you don’t see it under your bedding, your mattress plays a critical role in sleep quality and comfort, making it a significant investment.

What does the perfect mattress feel like? It makes you feel fantastic in the morning, with no back, hip and shoulder aches due to a lack of support.

Our award-winning mattresses are a great place to start or go for a tried and tested mattress technology like pocket springs or memory foam. 

Pictured: The Award Winning – Sleepeezee Pocket Gel Poise 3200 Mattress

The perfect pillow

The perfect pillow supports the way you sleep by aligning your neck and spine so that you wake up with no aches and pains in your neck.  

The rules are simple: if you are a front sleeper, choose a soft pillow; if you are a side sleeper, choose a firm pillow; if you are a back sleeper, choose a medium pillow. If you sleep in several positions, use a soft and a firm pillow together.

The perfect duvet

Duvets have a warmth rating measured in togs. All-season duvets have a 7.5 to 10.5 tog rating, while winter duvets go up to 15 togs.

To create a cosy bed for those cold winter days, choose a winter duvet. Winter duvets are thick, warm and more cuddly than other varieties.

Choose a hollow fibre filling for the best value for money or a microfibre filling to mimic down (we don’t recommend real down for ethical reasons).

Weighted blanket

If you struggle to get comfortable, a weighted blanket could help.

Weighted blankets have found therapeutic use for anxiety, mimicking “deep pressure stimulation”, a therapy used in hospitals with squeeze machines.  

Several studies have found that weighted blankets have a calming effect on the mind, helping improve sleep. This study and this study are good starting points to find out more.

Cosy Bed with Layered cushions

Layers of cushions are essential for cosy beds because they maximise versatility, helping you get comfortable whichever way you lay.

Cushions with thick textures and weaves are great for winter. Pillows with tassels are also a great option if you like a little bit of decoration.

Comfy and cosy bed.
Pictured: Small Double Bed Layered with Neutral Duvet and Comfy Throw Blankets

Bed linen

When it comes to bed linen and winter, thick weaves and textures rule.

You want bedding that’s soft, comfortable and warm. Microfibre bedding and cotton bedding is always a good choice.

Another way to style your bed for winter is with patterns and colours. Navy, teal, brown and cream (or combinations of these) are all excellent choices for winter. If you like patterns, animal and floral patterns offer a classic look.

Add a heated mattress topper.

When winter nights are freezing, a heated mattress topper is a godsend!

Heated mattress toppers have electrically heated elements running through them that you can adjust for different temperatures. They warm up a bed in no time and make a big difference in comfort. A word of warning, though – cats love them!

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