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Bedroom Upgrades Bedstar.
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New Year’s Bedroom Upgrades

Bedtime comfort or change the style of your bedroom, we’ve got you covered with a great range of bed frames, headboards, and mattresses.    

Best of all, we have something for all budgets and tastes. Here are our team’s top picks for bedroom upgrades in the new year:

Hybrid mattress

If you want the support of pocket springs with the squishiness of memory foam, a hybrid mattress is what you want. A hybrid mattress is a multi-layer mattress with memory foam, springs, and support foams for optimal comfort.

The great thing about hybrid mattresses is they are available in all firmness ratings, making them suitable for all sleepers.

Our recommendation:

Sleepeezee Hybrid 2000

The Sleepeezee Hybrid 20000 has 2,000 SoftTech and standard pocket springs underneath 40mm of memory foam, delivering premium comfort for a mid-range price. It also has 40mm of Staycool gel to dissipate heat to stop you from sweating.

Sleepeezee Hybrid 2000 4FT 6 Double Mattress, Award by Which magazine Best Buy June 2019. Bedroom Upgrades
Pictured: Sleepeezee Hybrid 2000 4FT 6 Double Mattress, Award by Which magazine Best Buy June 2019

Memory foam mattress

Memory foam mattresses sometimes get a bad rep because they aren’t very breathable, but this issue is negated with a layer of cooling memory gel.  

When memory foam mattresses have cooling gel, the thicker memory foam delivers unequaled pressure relief and body-conforming capabilities. If you want a squishy mattress in the new year, memory foam is what you want.

Our recommendation: 

Silentnight Studio Medium

A pure memory foam mattress that offers outstanding value for money, the Silentnight Studio Medium has a thick layer of cooling memory gel and a deep memory foam layer, as well as flex, zoned foam for support where you need it.

Silentnight Studio Medium 4FT 6 Double Mattress, You can expect good support, whatever your body size or sleeping position
Pictured: Silentnight Studio Medium 4FT 6 Double Mattress, You can expect good support, whatever your body size or sleeping position

Divan bed frame

Divan beds are ideal for small bedrooms because the frame is the same size as the mattress, so there are no protruding parts. Also, most divan frames have built-in drawers for bedding, shoes, or anything else you want to store.

Divan beds have an upholstered finish with everything from faux leather and microfibre to crushed velvet available to suit every taste.

Our recommendations: 

Giltedge Beds Deluxe Orthocare (divan + mattress)

The Giltedge Beds Deluxe Orthocare is a bed frame and mattress all-in-one, making it perfect if you need a new bed + mattress. It comes with a free headboard and a choice of upholstered finishes, and the mattress is a firm open coil unit. The frame lets you choose a no-drawer, 2-drawer, or ottoman frame style.

Giltedge Beds Deluxe Orthocare Divan Bed
Pictured: Giltedge Beds Deluxe Orthocare Divan Bed

Sleepeezee G2 (divan + mattress)

The Sleepeezee G2 is a high-end divan + mattress combo with a medium-firm hybrid mattress with 2,200 pocket springs and a thick layer of memory foam. The divan base is available with a platform top or spring edge top, and you can choose from a vast range of optional headboards to suit your taste.

 Sleepeezee G2 Memory Divan Bed.
Pictured: Sleepeezee G2 Memory Divan Bed, If you often wake with aches and pains in the morning, then the G Memory G2 is the mattress for you.

Standard bed frames

Already have a mattress? Get a standard bed frame instead. The sheer range of styles available with standard bed frames is unequaled, from metal frames in classic styles to wooden frames that evoke a real sense of prestige.

We offer an unbeatable range of bed frames to suit all styles and bedrooms. You can check out our entire collection here.

Julian Bowen Rebecca (black, metal)

The Julian Bowen Rebecca bed frame is a steel frame finished in black with stylish ornamental metalwork on the footboard and headboard. It’s an eclectic frame, making it ideal for traditional and modern bedroom styles.

Julian Bowen Rebecca Bed Frame - Black
Pictured: Julian Bowen Rebecca Metal Bed Frame – Black (Starting from Only £198.50 – Free Standard Delivery Available)

Birlea Canterbury (white, metal) 

The Birlea Bronte is an eye-catching metal bed frame finished in white. It’s inspired by Victorian style with an elegant footboard and headboard, and the metalwork is adorned with cute floral artwork, giving it an extra touch of character.

Pictured: Birlea Canterbury Metal Bed Frame, inspired by the Victorian style and bringing a fresh new approach suitable for contemporary bedroom settings

Flintshire Gladstone (wood, oak)

The Flintshire Gladstone is perfect for every bedroom, with a minimalist frame finished in natural oak. It’s styled in the Shaker style, with vertical slats on the headboard and no footboard to create a sense of openness.  

Pictured: Flintshire Gladstone 4FT 6 Double Wooden Bed Frame. This bed frame is a popular choice featuring clean lines, and it can easily fit most bedroom designs. 

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