How to Decorate your Bedroom for Christmas

Christmas is a welcome opportunity to breathe some festive cheer into your home decor. It’s time to dust off those boxes of decorations waiting patiently in the loft, put on some Christmassy tunes and unleash the holiday spirit that never fails to bring fun and happiness each and every year.

How to Paint Your Bed Frame and What to Avoid When Doing It

Bed frames are handsome pieces of furniture. As the years go by, there can come a time when you want to refresh it with a lick of paint. In your enthusiasm, you might want to rush straight into the painting part, but whether you can or not depends on the condition of your bed because the bed will need some preparation first.

Should you let your Dog Sleep In Your Bedroom?

Dogs are lovable creatures. They love us and we love them. Some dog owners love their pets so much that they’ll happily let their dog join them in their nice, cosy bed or sleep somewhere in their bedroom. The dog will never say no. Dogs are pack-minded by nature and they enjoy the closeness, but is it okay to let your dog sleep in your room?