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Top Five Best-Selling Silentnight Mattresses

Here at Bedstar we love to get your feedback! As a retailer, we really do try to go that extra mile to make sure the products we present to you are the very best each of our suppliers has to offer. Your feedback provides us with invaluable information that tells us how the product performed in the real world. More importantly, we learn from it what you didn’t like so we can continuously adapt the ranges to make them even better.

This week, we’ve picked our top five best-selling Silentnight mattresses and shared with you reviews of them from our customers. These unbiased opinions paint a true picture of how these mattresses have performed and focus on the following areas:

  • Value for money 
  • Comfort and support 
  • Performance over time

Miracoil Classic Mattress

This mattress has been in the Silentnight range for many years and has become popular because of its Miracoil spring system. Many people find it performs better than a standard coil sprung mattress

  • Value for money: 8.8/10
  • Comfort: 8.2/10
  • Performance over time 8.9/10

“Very good quality, fair price. My old mattress was causing me back pain and this one came to resolve it! Great product!”

“Great mattress, first night on it was slightly worried it was too firm , but it’s the most comfortable mattress I’ve ever slept on”

“Good if you like a really firm mattress (I would describe them as very firm rather than medium firm). Too hard for me and my wife.”

“Absolute bargain. Its well made, very comfortable and feels like a quality mattress despite the cheap price. We paid £269 for the king size which was half that of similar products. The mattress is medium to firm and may induce back ache like it did with me at first, however the old mattress was very soft and after changing to this for several weeks, we both find we are sleeping better and the back ache is gone. Would definitely recommend this.”

“My little brother is a big lad, and so has often chosen a softer mattress to absorb his “heft” When it come to buying a new mattress I managed to persuade him that because he is a big guy, a firmer mattress would actually be good for him. I also assured him that I had really enjoyed my Silentnight Mattress, so although it is not the cheapest brand available, they are built to last! The mattress itself is surprisingly light and is firm but very comfortable. He is needless to say, very pleased with it.”

Miracoil Memory Mattress

The Miracoil memory mattress fuses Miracoil springs with a top layer of memory foam that moulds itself to the user’s body shape, creating a supportive but comfortable mattress.

  • Value for money: 8.5/10
  • Comfort: 9.1/10
  • Performance over time 7.8/10

“We got this to help with comfort and support, as we’d been getting stiff and pain while sleeping on our side. We like medium firm beds, and this fits the bill. It’s very comfortable however you sleep”

“Very comfortable. Glad I bought it. I was getting lower back pain from our older mattress, and the pain went away after a few days sleeping on this mattress.”

“Both my wife and I love this mattress. It’s firm and with memory foam on top. The only slight complaint is we feel a bit warm, maybe, because the top layer foam resulting in 100% touch between body and mattress. But, this should be a problem only in hot summer.”

“Nice mattress but difficult to turn around on the memory foam. Requires some getting used to if you have not had one before. Kept waking up at first but it is better now. Still hard work, though”

“After constantly waking up with back and neck pain and waking up through the night I decided to buy a new mattress. This has turned out to be brilliant. So very comfortable with the memory foam layer! Good support for your body. I no longer wake up in any pain or discomfort and I have been sleeping right through. Well worth the money”

“The most comfortable mattress I have ever slept on and extremely good value, really pleased with this purchase, easily as comfortable as the other more expensive mattresses I tried in the bed shop. Medium to firm support but with the soft memory foam surface so you don’t get the firm pressure on say your elbows. I want to get my daughter one for her bed and I got my mum to get one.”

Mirapocket Essentials 1000 Mattress

A 1000 pressure-relieving pocket springs give the Mirapocket 1000 its core support as each spring individually contours to the shape of the body, allowing the mattress to offer the user(s) support where they need it the most.

  • Value for money: 8.9/10
  • Comfort: 9.0/10
  • Performance over time 9.4/10

“I can be super picky with mattresses but this one feels great to sleep on. When I was searching for a new mattress I kept seeing reviews for them as guest ones, but can confirm I use this one every night and it feels great. Had it for about half a year now and no pain whatsoever. Also the pocketed coils really help out when my partner stays over, no rolling into the middle of the bed.”

“I have been using silent night brand from long time. I have a back problem and find this mattress perfect and comfortable for good night sleep. The mattress is quite thick and heavy. its good value for money for the spec and brand. Highly recommend it.”

“Mattress is described as medium firm but this is very firm even with the comfort top. I had to buy a padded mattress topper to make this bearable.”

“Fantastic. Was a bit concerned it wasn’t as deep as my old mattress but it is fine and just right – nice and firm. Supports my back. It maybe seemed a bit too firm to start but that was because my old firm mattress had had it and after a week you really get used to it. Love it”

“I’m impressed with the quality of this mattress. Not as firm as other people made out in the reviews. I would rate this as a medium firmness. Still I’m very happy with the mattress.”

Eminence 1200 Mattress

This Which? award-winning mattress uses 1200 Mirapocket springs with a luxury soft-knit cover and a breathable border.

  • Value for money: 9.2/10
  • Comfort: 9.6/10
  • Performance over time 9.1/10

“I bought this mattress at the beginning of January, so I’ve had it for 2 months now. When I first got it I thought that I’d maybe made a mistake because it felt really firm compared to our old one. I am now very pleased with the comfort of it and have no complaints at all. I would say it is on the firm side for support and is excellent value for money as I bought it whilst on offer.”

“Replacing an orthopaedic mattress and wanted the same firmness. The Silent Night 1200 is rated medium/firm and is at least as firm as the older orthopaedic mattress, the 1200 springs allowing independent support. The breathable cover is a plus, as is the fact the mattress can be turned over or top to bottom rotated. The spun layers made from old plastic bottles add to the comfort and good to know they are been recycled in huge numbers by Silent Night.”

“It’s soft to the touch & feels of a very high quality with great finishing. It’s very supportive without being too hard or firm. Suffering from back pains, this was exactly what I needed because I find soft beds cause me back pain with the same thing happening with beds which are too firm so I was a little concerned about the description of Medium Firm. I have to say that I think that describes this mattress very well so overall, I’m extremely pleased”

“This is a nice firm mattress and comfortable. The only thing to be aware of is that the ‘comfort layer’ seems to work the same way as a memory foam mattress as in it makes you overheat. I find I wake up a couple of times a night with whatever part is in contact with the mattress really hot.”

“Best nights sleep for ages. A firmer feel mattress with a high degree of comfort. Don’t like getting up in the mornings now. Very good on my back. Waking up with back pain , fingers crossed, appears to be a thing of the past. Only downside is the mattress feels a little spongy when sitting on the edge. But hey ho you can’t have it all.”

Affluent 3000 Geltex Mattress

A combination of the latest memory gel and 3 000 Mirapocket springs gives this deep mattress a truly luxurious feel.

  • Value for money: 9.0/10
  • Comfort: 9.8/10
  • Performance over time 9.6/10

“My last bed was a memory foam and it was absolutely terrible, it was meant to be a cooling effect instead it was a boiling effect i was waking up middle of the night sweating and this was in winter. This silentnight bed however is fantastic, i have had this now just over a month and cannot complain what so ever does however take few days for the smell to go away but fantastic otherwise”

“Comfort wise it is by far the best Mattress I have ever slept on and more importantly it does not cripple me the next morning. Some people have complained about a chemical smell from the Gel but if you air it properly at the beginning this soon disappears. Would I recommend, most definitely.”

“Have a great nights sleep on this. The extra topping is great. Quite firm although ordered medium but I love. Neck and back feel better. Be warned when bringing up stairs the delivery men had a little trouble in our environment as does not bend like some mattresses. But managed is fantastic worth the money. Be warned does make bed higher so do measure if shorter than average may find getting down difficult.”

“Have had the mattress for a week now and hands down it’s the comfiest thing I’ve ever had the pleasure of sleeping on. A bit firmer than I thought it would have been, which suits me perfectly but still has that soft cushion feel thanks to the pillowtop. If this matress doesn’t sag or dip like some then it will be one of my best buys ever. I would recommend it to anyone who has a sore back when waking up, this has been great and seems to have eased any back pain I have in the morning.”

Single mattresses are a popular choice for adults and children alike. Ideal for smaller bedrooms or a guest bedroom, a single mattress still offers all the necessary comfort and support. 

A standard UK size for a single mattress is 90cm x 190cm (3 ft) and will fit any bed frame or divan base of the same size perfectly . We keep a large range of these mattresses, including pocket spring and memory foam models, in stock and also offer next day delivery on some of our mattresses. Check to see if your mattress is eligible for next day delivery. 

If you’re thinking of buying a new mattress, take a look at the selection on our website and order your mattress online from us. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our mattresses or any of the other products you see on our site.

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