How To Create The Perfect Bedroom For 2 Children Sharing

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Bedroom for 2 Children Sharing

Two or more children sharing a bedroom creates a strong sibling bond. But when personal space becomes a battleground, children get frustrated, especially when they hit seven years old (the age of growing independence).

As children age, they develop a stronger sense of independence, and sharing a bedroom can be extremely frustrating.

Stopping shared spaces from becoming war zones is one of your biggest parental challenges, but it can be done with ingenuity!

This article explores creating the perfect bedroom for two or more children sharing – read on to design the ideal shared bedroom.

Put up divider walls to create separate spaces.

Putting divider screens between single beds, reading zones, and play zones is an excellent way to segment different bedroom activities.

Your children will appreciate spending time away from their siblings in the same room, helping fulfil that desire for independence.

You can buy room dividers from IKEA and plenty more home improvement stores or make your own with a sheet of MDF and paint.

Floor-standing dividers are another option if you can securely fasten them – make sure the dividers are fixed to the wall to stop toppling.

Stack the beds

Whether your kid’s bedroom is small or big, bunk beds and triple sleepers are the best way to save floor space so everyone has more legroom.

Bunk beds are generally suitable for children over six years old, and our bunk beds buyer’s guide has much more safety advice.

How To Create The Perfect Bedroom For Bedroom for 2 Children Sharing. Julian Bowen Domino Triple Sleeper Bunk Bed - White.
Pictured: Julian Bowen Domino Triple Sleeper Bunk Bed – White

Although some people see bunk beds as for younger children, teenagers and mixed-age siblings will appreciate having a private space. You can’t see into the bunk above/below, so they are ideal when children become more independent. 

Create a half-and-half wall.

Ask your children what colours they want their bedroom to be and brainstorm a few ideas so everyone is happy with the decorating.

One of our favourite colouring tricks is half and half walls, where you split the division into two colours based on your children’s favourite colours.

Stick the masking tape diagonally across the wall to create the perfect half-and-half wall, and paint both halves in different colours. You will be left with a stripe down the middle, which you can touch in any colour you like.

Put up personalised shelves.

Shelves are a brilliant way to give children little space for action figures, dolls, toys, ornaments, and drawing pads. Add a little placard that says their name, like “Ava’s Shelf” and “Ben’s Shelf,” to showcase their zones.

How To Create The Perfect Bedroom for 2 Children Sharing, Personalised kids shelving.
Pictured: Personalised kids shelving to showcase their zones.

Best of all, shelves don’t take up any floor space!

We are big fans of tiered shelves because they store more stuff, but you can also get boxed shelves which offer little zones for lots of stuff. Try painting the shelves in your kid’s favourite colour to complete the look.

Create storage for each child.

Let’s face it – children have their toys and interests and need storage solutions to avoid a small war daily.

The easiest toy storage solution is a few Useful Boxes, which we recommend over other brands of plastic boxes because they last forever.

Alternatively, we love the IKEA TROFAST range, which provides multiple boxes of wooden furniture to keep everything neat.

TROFAST Storage combination with boxes, 99x44x56 cm. Bedroom for 2 Children Sharing
Pictured: TROFAST Storage combination with boxes, 99x44x56 cm

Dedicate one wall to each child

When it comes to posters, wall decorations, awards, and achievements, dedicating one bedroom wall to each child is the way to go. You can colour the walls differently and install personalised signs with your children’s names.

As your children age, the posters and decorations will change, but at least they will always have their own space. You can add a pinboard for small stuff or a blackboard so they can write and draw things that come to mind.

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